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IB maths tutors at Baccalaureate Classes

Baccalaureate Classes provides expert IB maths online tutor for the latest mathematics AA (Analysis and Approach) as well as AI (Application and Interpretation). Our team of IB maths tutor has developed the chapter wise notes and worksheets for both the newly introduced IB mathematics variants.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has started a new IB maths curriculum from 2019. This latest course has mainly two variants which are Mathematics AA (Analysis & Approach) and mathematics AI (Applications & Interpretation). These two variants are offered at standard level (SL) and higher level (HL). The major topics for both of these two courses are Number and Algebra, Functions, geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and probability as well as Calculus. The IB maths AA course is for those students who have more interest in pure maths such as number & algebra and calculus, and who are looking for an under graduation course in pure maths, sciences or technology. However, IB maths AA course is for students who have more inclination towards statistics & probability and who are willing to opt for economics or business or humanities related courses after their higher secondary. The ib tutors across the world have agreed over this fact that this new IB mathematics course will help the students to develop their understanding of mathematics as well as make them more interested in opting this important subject for their higher studies. It should be the duty of an ib tutor to explore and analyze the whole course before they start tutoring any ib student.

The IB maths tutors at Baccalaureate Classes have done enough research on these two newly introduced subjects and hence any ib maths tutor here is quite confident in tutoring ib maths AA as well as ib maths AI. The maths AA course focuses on developing an analytical and comprehensive understanding of mathematics so that students can link and correlate different maths areas and use them to solve different types of abstract questions. Our ib maths AA tutor teach the standard level maths as per the guidelines given by the international baccalaureate organization and complete the whole syllabus in 150 hours. The ib maths AI tutor at our academy knows that they have to focus more on statistics and probability and for the higher level curriculum they complete the whole course in 240 hours of duration. The assessment pattern of ib maths SL contains two papers each of one and half hours duration weighting forty percentage each and making a total of eighty percentage. Our ib maths home tutor also helps students to prepare their ib maths IA, they help them in choosing their ib maths IA topics as well as guide them in the throughout development of their ib maths internal assessment which weights twenty percent of the total marks. The assessment pattern of ib maths HL consists of three papers, paper 1 and 2 is of two hours duration weighing thirty percent each making a total of sixty percent. Paper 3 of ib maths HL is of one hour duration and weighs twenty percent of the total grade. There is no syllabus for the paper three and it will be a surprise to the ib students.

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